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Keep your trees healthy, safe and looking great with regular tree pruning and hedging services by Lawn & Order Gardening & Tree Lopping Services.

With years of excellence, we guarantee exceptional workmanship at competitive prices.

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Efficient Pruning Services

Pruning promotes new growth, prepares fruit trees for an abundant harvest and helps maximise the natural lighting in your property. It involves removing dead, dying, diseased or weakly attached branches from the tree’s canopy.

For safe and efficient tree pruning, contact Lawn & Order Gardening & Tree Lopping Services. Our staff has the knowledge to assess your trees and recommend the proper pruning method suited to their species, size and health.

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Hedge Cutting Services

Nothing looks better than well-maintained hedges in your garden and landscape. At Lawn & Order Gardening & Tree Lopping Services, we are fully equipped to provide a complete range of hedge cutting and trimming services.

Whether you have a tall or small hedge, trust our professional team to keep your hedges looking beautiful all year round.

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We keep your hedges looking beautiful all year round

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